“Angela is knowledgeable, compassionate, articulate, and patient. My husband and I have had two consultations with her about my TBI from a car accident. She has answered all of our questions, provided us with concrete facts, local resources, a kind ear, and suggestions for different ways we could proceed and gave us questions to ask of our local providers. That’s a lot! I learned more from her than I have from my PCP and physiatrist combined. Sessions with Angela empowered us to start examining the different options we have- some of which we didn’t know about- so that we can start to move forward with finding the right care and therapies. I highly recommend talking with Angela if you are unclear on your path, have stalled out, feel dissatisfied with the care you are receiving so far, or just want to up your game in general in being an educated part of your own recovery process. We don’t have to be passive consumers of our care- in fact, these days we can’t afford to be. I wish all of you the best in walking your roads to greater wellness.”