Do You Believe In Magic?

I was recently working with a patient and family on aphasia intervention strategies. This client had received speech therapy services before but asked me to come into the home for speech therapy services and family training. The client’s speech was non-fluent and largely unintelligible when I arrived.


With the implementation of evidence based strategies combined together to quickly meet the client’s speech and language needs, the client all of a sudden was speaking in phrases that sounded like their old self. And it sounded a bit like magic! How did one person walk in the door, and then within 20 minutes have a person with aphasia talking out loud, on the way to clearly speaking, and finding ways to express ideas?


Sometimes highly skilled speech therapy services can feel just like it, but there really isn’t any magic involved, just LOTS of skills, and whole lot of science.

But WHY does it feel like magic? Probably because when life is so very different and all of a sudden a glimmer of a person’s “old self” shines through when an intervention is successfully delivered. All of a sudden there is hope. Real, tangible hope to grab onto for the first time in a long time.

Hope is what keeps up going. We know there’s more. We know we can do it.

If you have aphasia or love someone who does, I’d love to show you some magical-feeling strategies to make that aphasia feel less frustrating. Time slots are available for in-home speech therapy services.

I’m here to help you find that hope, latch on tight, and cheer you on the entire way.

Let’s make magic happen.

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