Miscommunication Is A Two-Way Street

One of the most challenging things I hear as a speech therapist is “my <insert loved one’s name here> doesn’t understand me anymore” or “I don’t understand my loved one”.


Communication is a two-way street. We know this. Aphasia or TBI don’t change this. In fact, I think that when someone we love is immersed into learning how to walk, talk, eat, and take care of their own personal hygiene family and friends become even more responsible for learning how to best help.

Miscommunication is a two-way street.

When you make the choice to take responsibility for your communication with your loved one you will experience a whole new world of possibilities.

The responsibility is on all of us to do better.

Even though YOU didn’t have the stroke or TBI, you are still required to dig in and learn as much as you are capable of in order to ease your loved one’s recovery and long-term prognosis. When people do not have this fundamental understanding, unfortunately, their loved ones tend to have more challenges in their recovery.

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