Concierge SLP Services

In home coaching and training provided by a Speech Language Pathologist for the families of adults who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), stroke, dementia, and other neurological diseases based on your family’s unique needs, at a pace, and in the setting of your choice.

What to expect:

Family training is ideal for families who have been recently affected by neurological changes, or there has been a decline in functioning. Angela will provide each person in attendance to discuss their concerns, their challenges, and their experience as it relates to communication. Handouts, resources, and ideas will be shared, and there will be ample opportunity for practicing these newly learned communication skills and strategies. Roadmaps and timelines can be collaboratively created, goals can be set for individuals and groups. Following your session Angela will provide you with your family’s individualized presentation materials for future reference.

Why should I choose to work with an SLP?

Licensed and highly experienced speech language pathologists are certified to provide both personal adjustment counseling as well as informational counseling. Angela has extensive experience in facilitating large and small group conversations, as well as providing support to people who are working through both expected and unexpected challenges in their lives. Angela has attended several continuing education programs to refine her counseling abilities, as well as participated in multiple modalities of mental health therapeutic interventions herself over the span of 20+ years.

For detailed information please see ASHA’s website.

Services will referred to a qualified licensed mental health professional for the following areas:

  • Topic of death is raised in multiple instances.
  • Person reports recurrent thoughts of death.
  • Person reports suicidal thoughts.
  • Person shows signs of persistent depression.
  • Person shows signs of physical abuse of either themselves or a family member/caregiver (this behavior also warrants alerting law enforcement).
  • Person shows signs of self-inflicted abuse.
  • Person has a drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Person reports behaviors consistent with persistent and/or severe social and/or emotional withdrawal.
  • Person indicates a deterioration in family relationships.
  • Person reports behaviors/thoughts consistent with personality and character disorders.

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